Thinking about posting again...

I miss blogging! I had so much fun posting.. I graduated college and now a store manager for Goodwill which takes up a lot of my time.. but I am going to really try to get back into the swing of blogging again.. post grad style.

Look forward to post... now where is my camera charger and USB...



Things I Love

Hopefully that's water in her glass....

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Peace and Love,


New Items At the Store.


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Feelin' Creepy.







Thank you Lord for the Sunshine Today.


Very Interesting Outfit.

This shirt is hilarious.. as I wrote in my last post this is one of the electic pieces that came from the pile that the lady was looking at me very strange.. and esspecially when she saw this one. I've been trying to keep up with posting as much I can but lately life hasn't been going so smooth.. I'm sick, my house feels like it's made of paper mache, and I washed my hair last night with freezing cold water because our pipes decided to bust due to the snomeggedon 2011! Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow! Who are you going for The Packers (aka Weezy) or The Steelers (aka Wiz Khalifa). Good thing I'm sporting yellow and black and yellow and green in this outfit.. because i'm not really biased on who wins! Have a great rest of the weekend!

P.S. Came aross a good tune the other day.... Here is tis.

Peace and Love,


First Post of 2011.. Finally.

Hello Everyone! I can't believe I finally am able to post, it's been since November... that's really sad. Today is beautiful where I'm at 77 degrees in JANUARY!! couldn't ask for more. How's everyone year started out so far? Mine has already had it's up and downs.. but I guess no matter what year it is that just life. And this year specifically for me will probably the most life changing. I'm graduating from college here in a few months and I'm going to need to a good career.. which everyone knows the job market isn't really hoppin these days.. so I'm going to just cross my fingers and hope for the best! Now about the post... A lot of the items I'm wearing are mainly thrifted like the hat, the jacket and the sweater. I think the boots are from F21.. but my main key item in the post is this awesome retro jacket. I went to goodwill the other day and snatched that baby up, it was really funny because I went up to the counter and the lady was looking at me like I was nuts. and maybe most people will, but I just told her I like an eclectic blend of clothing :) I have already worn this in public and nothing too strange happened so.. Let me know how your year has been so far I love hearing from the readers and it shows me other people's blogs so send your love. Have a wonderful day!

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