Hope Everyone is Having a Fantastic Halloweekend!! For me I absolutely love Halloween, but for some reason this year didn't land on my Top 5 greatest Halloween's so to speak.. mine was kinda a dud if you know what I mean.. the best part was just costumes in general. So I hope everyone's was a lot better than mine! I've also been TERRIBLY busy with school, it has actually just taken over my life completely.. but as soon as I make it through this semester next semester should be a breeze!! (I can't wait to graduate in may..)

 UPDATE ON ONLINE STORE: I didn't realize it takes so much time to get all the photos ready for this thing, so I'm still trying to take all the merchandise pictures.. I actually took quite a few yesterday.. but I'm kinda fickle about posting something if i don't think it looks a certain way, so I think I might have to re do a lot of them.. so hold out!! It will be here soon I promise!! Little by little we are getting closer! Here's are a couple more items to look forward too! Also the pants and the Hat in the pictures above will also be for sale :)


Online Store Preview :)

Hello Hello.. I have been thinking about creating an online store for months now.. and just haven't had the time or the resources.. but luckily my good friend autumn helped me jumpstart this idea by providing me with a dress form. Everything's isn't all together yet, and I still have some kinks and merchandise issues to work out.. But I'm hoping I can manage to get it up and running in the next few weeks or so.. I'm pretty excited and hope this idea turns into something great.. these are just a few of the items I already have and will be selling, but there definitely will be more items and better things to come! I could really really use some feedback on this.. so good or bad please tell me anything.. or any ideas you have. and if you like what you see here, let me know through the e-mail or if I know you personally holler at me and we can already set up a transaction!


Peace and Love
 Women's Vintage Mexican Style Embriodered Dress Medium
90s Grunge look Minidress XS

The dress form couldn't quite squeeze into this one :)

Vintage Neiman Marcus California Girl Dress Small

Women's Small Herman Marcus Vintage Dress
Fedora with Brown Patterned Trim
Men's Brown Wide Brimmed Hat



I was recently veiwing a few photography blogs/ websites and came across this one. The work is so amazing, I felt the need to tell more people so they could see for themselves! All the work is done through a duo made up by David and Libby Nightingale. Together the have formed Chromasia Limited and Chromasia Training Limited. Some of their main clients have been companies, non-profit organizations, publishers and a ton of individuals!

Here are two sample of their awesome work:

Both Pictures were found within the galleries at : http://www.chromasia.com/galleries/ 

Every Picture is beautiful on this website so go check it out and if you are in absolute love pick yourself up some prints! Check the about tab for their contact information!! Have a great day!!

Peace and Love


Ghostland Love

How's everyone doing today!?! I had a great friday night, i'm ready for tonight, and am so excited for The Black Keys tomorrow!
But for now... I heard Ghostland and the bar last night ironically enough! So here's my favorite Ghostland song.. These guys rock for those of you who have been on planet mars and haven't listened to them!

P.S. In Honor of the Beatles and My inspiration for my Blog Name-- Happy 70th Birthday John Lennon!  

Peace and Love


Velvet and Fuzz.

This Pose is Really Funny he he

Black Vintage Jessica Mclintock Velvet Skirt, and Forever 21 Vest.. This is just an Eclectic outfit thrown together.. but you could wear for maybe like a fun holiday party of something like that.

 I had something awful happen the yesterday... and it seems like since then it's been one bad thing after another.. It all started when I went to get my phone out of my pocket and it went flying across some bricks.. when i went to pick it up.. half of my iphone screen was busted.. then later that day I was supposed to take two forms of I.d. to my work.. well i went home (thinking i had my wallet) and got my SS card.. got to work.. NO WALLET had to turn right back around and go back to my house... then go back to work.. funny thing is I don't look anything like my DL picture and my boss kept giving me a hard time saying it wasn't me.. so today I went to the tag agency to get a new license.. For some reason it took more than an hour.. when i finally got up there the machine kept messing up.. so finally i got it printed and was about to walk out the door and I looked down at my new license.. THE LADY MISSPELLED MY STREET NAME it said creel instead of creek.. so i had to go back.. and re-do the whole picture taking process.. then the machine broke so she had to restart the machine.. at this point.. i think you could see steam coming out of my ears.. but i finally got out of there.. and back to my car where my new coffee was cold.. What a bad 24 hrs.. 

P.S. I promise hopefully never to vent on my blog again :D

Hope everyone is having a better day than I've had.. TGIF!! Btw I'm going to the Black Keys on Sunday and as of right now I plan to take my camera!! So hopefully pictures should be up then!! 

Peace and Love



Hgtv.com: Above and Below

Hookedonhouses.net- "Death from a Funera"l Home

blog.ajn.net- Thailand Garden



These are just a couple of spaces I love, I find that apparel and interiors go hand in hand if you really think about it.. Well they have a lot of the same principles anyway.. and if I could conglamorate a mixture of all of these photos I think I would have my DREAM HOME! Most of these places are a mixture of different regions such as the lily garden in Thailand and the Ivy covered house in London.. and well it would be difficult to create a home that contained all of these features.. so I'll just settle to at least go and travel to see all of the beautiful things the world has to offer.. I've been thinking about it over and over lately.. there is so much to see and as of right now.. I'm in Stillwater, Oklahoma.. doesn't that sound like a big hoot.. wah wah wahhh.. only a few more months.. then maybe just maybe some of my dreams will starts to come true..

So in conclusion: Never stop thinking and dreaming, no matter how out of reach your goals may seem. If you truely want it.. what else would you be going for?


The Shades of Autumn Leaves

October has always been one of my favorite months, fall really begins.. even though i hate the cold.. and HALLOWEEN is right around the corner!! Not sure yet what I'm going to be... I've thrown around Mrs. Potato head, Beyonce, and Alice.. But I bought a pink wig yesterday.. so I think I'm just going to be a weirdo with a pink wig.. sounds legit enough.. Something big happened last night.. as you can see I'm a brunette now! I was a little skeptical dying my own hair, because people who personally know me know I have a past with self coloring.. and lets just say I ended up having every hair color under the sun.. But to be honest.. I'm very pleased with the way this actually turned out! In honor of the new hair color I decided to just make the whole outfit all shade of brown, which later reminded me of all the beautiful leaves I can't wait to watch float down from the trees! Most everything is thrifted, except the DIY Cutoff were from Old Navy. Well hope everyone having a great day! Let me know what your going to be for halloween, or any other comments you have :)


I am not a human being.

TGIF. Missing Weezy. That's all I really have to say.

**WARNING!!** This song is very explicit, maybe even for grown ears.

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