The Black Lace Cowboy

Here are a few of my favorite shots of this look, this hat is actually really really big so i didn't want to show all of it..lol.. And my tunic/dress I have had this thing for so long I seriously can't remember where I bought it.. I know I've had it since my freshman year of high school.. so almost 8 years.. time fliesss! The ankle boots.. love em', just got these babies the other day for like 14 dollarssss.. and the leggings were new as well from F21.  Hope everyone is having a great day, for all my fellow student readers I know this week and last week will be brutal for most with the first exams! UGH.. but have a good sunday funday! Hope you like the pictures :)


Grunge Beauty

Lately I've been noticing a revolution of grunge coming in to the world, and I absolutely lovvveee it! The look takes me back to the times of Clueless and Nirvana, which basically made up my childhood.. that and jelly shoes haha. These were the best years, no worries about life, the only thing on my agenda was climbing a tree so I could see Mercy Hospital, I miss those times :)


Thanks MTV & A Little Photography!!

Just want to give a whopping THANK YOU to Style.mtv.com For making Sgt. Pepper Vintage your chosen blogger this week!!!

And Here's just a couple of inspirational photos all taken within the four walls of my most valued place:

Drawing done by Curtis :D


I Keep Dancing On My Own

I'm probably the biggest loser I know, and as I've said before I'm nowhere close to being a model, so to take my pictures of the outfit I decided I'm just going to start dancing, it more natural and sometimes they just turn out really funny. A.k.a. this one.

Now what's happening today..

 The VMA's were on tonight, chelsea handler was trending on twitter and her name was misspelled..,  taylor swift decided to run around barefoot during her awful backlash performance to Kanye, if he's the one that is supposed to grow up, why even take the effort to write a song to bash him.. that girl is crazy. Kanye's performance was hilarious and awesome. Let's have a toast for the douchebags!
 Florence and The machine was absolutely amazinnnggg though to top it off! So here's her video, just cause I love it so much.


A little randomness in an outfit.

There is only so few times that I really ever put a lot of thought to my outfits. I think being able to put together an outfit off pure spite and random. that one reason why I love clothes so much, yeah people may look at you funny sometimes, and my whole life I have been told on some day or the other.. "you don't even match".. but who cares at least people are looking, and thinking "I wonder why she is wearing that".. my answer to most everything is "Because I can". I will always know that no one will ever show up wearing the exact same thing as I am, and to me that's a great feeling. Hope everyone is enjoying their day! Get ready for the weekend.

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