Two Door Cinema Club: Irish Indie Rock :))

Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird, and Sam Halliday. They are originally from northern Ireland, but were actually sign by a french record label called Kitsune. They are definitely electro rock and soo much fun! They just release an album March 1 called " Tourist History". This is definitely something to check out some of their past songs i enjoy: Something Good Can Work, I Can Talk ( Down Below) and Uncover Martyn. If you don't look em up now, you soon hear them anyway :))

Question of the day: Which country can you normally find the best music from?



One of my favorite creatures is the Owl. I wear a giant owl ring on my middle finger of my right hand everyday because the owl is so cool. They are mysterious and lurk in the night with perfect vison! Some people believe they are bad luck and could bring death upon, others believe they are the symbol of wisdom and forth coming events, and well others believe if you hear one call in the night your supposed to get up and turn your left shoe...?? But who really knows what they mean.. Honestly.

Out of of all those meanings, the owl as a whole describes life itself, The mystery of life is not knowing if life will bring death or some miraculous change. Even though people have no control over their future, you still have the choice to make any set back and opportunity, so no matter what life can be beautiful if you want it to be. I stumbled across this artist who makes the precious ceramic owl decorations and I would like to introduce Jadranka Lukacic all of the pictures are his designs, and these pictures are from Owlpages.com, go there to view the gallery and buy! Comment me on anything!!
Question of the Day: What symbol represents you??


The Green Movement

Finally I get to share with the world, my favorite piece I own right now that is in my closet! This beautiful, floral, printed overcoat made by Edith Flagg. This coat was one of those items once i saw it, i had to have it! Green is also my favorite color, and hence the huge movement to save the earth, I thought the title fit well. I found this lucky piece in a vintage shop down in Dallas, TX called Graditude Vintage, and like the coat is probably the best store I've ever been in.

As for  Edith, she was a designer who was pretty popular around in the 60s who actually had a shop located in Beverly Hills until 1996. She and her husband were also big contributors to "Women's Wear Daily" and the "California Apparel News".  Garments like these are especially why I love apparel so much. COMMENT ME ON ANYTHING! I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU!!  

Question of the Day: What's you favorite item in your closet right now??


Forever Mad for MGMT!

Ben Goldwesser and Andrew VanWyngarden are awesoommmee. MGMT came out with their new album April 13, called "Congratulations".  Since then they have appeared on Saturday Night Live, and are scheduled to appear on David Letterman May 11th :))) Rolling stone named their last album 18th best album of the DECADE. So wonderful.

Question of the Day: Who is your favorite electro-rock artist of all time?

Hey Andrew, You're beautiful, Sir.


Zac Posen for Target: Coming April 25

Zac Posen is from lower manhattan and what introduced him to the scene was his big break with a dress he had made for Naomi Campbell, that was ultimately auctioned for $50,000. he is now NYC's "fashiontainment" star who now designs dresses for big names such as Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton, and Natalie Portman. One more thing about this designer, he's pretty easy on the eyes if you ask me...or it could just be his talent. Zac already released his collection with target in Austrailia and now is appearing in the states April 25. Some of my favorite items to look for: The hotsy totsy black and gold swimsuit, and the pink polka dot dress paired with the braided belt. I normally would go for polka dots.. but his attention to detail of accents with that belt, had me bought! Everything is priced under $100 and I can't wait! The link below is the lookbook for the collection go and check it out, because i'm sure target's stock won't last long.



Wishing I was at Coachella...

Here's La Roux performing bulletproof.. maybe not the best of video quality.., but what did call my attention was just the atmosphere of the festival!! Everyone jumping, clapping, and well even sweating around you.. I know we may never beat woodstock with our modern day festivals, but they never cease to amaze how awesome each one is! La Roux is made up of two main band members from London England Elly Jackson the singer, who actually influenced the band's name because of her firey red hair, and Ben Langmaid. Ben doesn't come out to any of the live performances, but he is a producer and composer, who has really made an impact of the band's career. Bulletproof is something to look into, probably by far my favorite of hers.


Tall Ships. Tall Ships. Tall Ships.

When you look at the outfit, most people will probably see just a girl in a tee-shirt and a skirt. But this isn't just a tee-shirt and skirt, well at least not to me

The shirt I'm wearing was actually my father's at one point, he was a traveling guy in his early age who loved to sail anywhere and everywhere! Some of my favorite items in my closet were given to me by him, through his adventures of sailing. This particular one is for the Tall Ships Parade that has been located in Chicago, Boston, and I think Tacoma in the past. These boats are the elite of sailing, and an absolute amazing site to see. Clothes have value through memories as well you know. Comment down below!


For the Fellassss.. who well need a little help :D

I normally focus more on the ladies.. so it's about time that I started to pay some attention to the guys! Men's wear is a whole different realm than women's wear, and when it comes to styling can actually be quite challenging.. I wanted to make this post just for men, a man who likes to look good, but doesn't really want to splurge for the designer outrageous prices. I come to find that men need utility, durability, and a bit of an ego boost in their everyday apparel. Men have to work hard and still of course try to look good. I've composed a list of sites that gave me inspiration, on what I would love to see men wearing, and you don't have to give an arm and leg to have these item. Looking good doesn't equal money ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT.

Uniqulo.com- Uniqulo states in their company profile that they have high quality casual wear at afforable prices. You can browse the website by a product search or even my a lookbook of current styles.

picture from street etiquette blog :)

http://streetetiquette.com/- This blog is amazing, it's by two guys from the bronx who literally have men's fashion down to a tee. They are so inspirational, i love em! please go and check em out!!

http://www.hm.com/us/- As most ladies know, H&M is the bomb.com when it come to trendy garments at a low price, and for all the guys that don't know yes H&M does havea men's collection, and it's just as afforable, to browse through you can look under the fashion section at in stores now, under the style guide, or if you really bored, you can even mix and match different garments to create an outfit in their fashion studio.

http://www.giltman.com/- This is an exculsive website that does require you to be a member, right now I do believe there is a waiting list, but once you become a member you have access to tons of designer labels at great prices. Something fun about this site, at noon everyday they have the best blow out sales, you can only keep you items in your bag for ten minutes before their gone.  Go and sign up if you'd like!!

Comment me on anything, I love to hear from you guys!

P.s. Of course urban outfitters always has great stuff, so maybe check them too :D


OSU ATTENDEES!! HES Fashion show- Be there.

HEYY!! HES week is next week, which meannnnsss the OSU fashion show will be going on in the little theatre of the SU,. The Pink Peplum is also sponsering this event! My fellow students and I have been working hard to put this together, so come out and support your DHM students, win some door prizes, listen to good music, and also to see what some of the seniors design student can do with their portfolios! Hope to see anyone and everyone there! Spread the love :D


Nicole Richie Adds to The House of Harlow - Fashion Scoops - Fashion News - WWD.com

Nicole Richie is honestly one of my favorite celebs and style figures. She launched her House of Harlow line back in 2008 and this article just talks about the expansion into handbags! Nicole has already expanded with sunglasses and footwear this year, so I can't wait to see her news designs. House of Harlow to me resembled the rivival of the 60s and 70s through her classic headpieces, which are my favorite pieces of her collection, and then she even likes to use an Aztec/ African inspired patterns on some of the rings and bracelets. Her new handbags should coordinate with the jewelry designs and are priced in comparison of Coach around $300 to $600 dollars.


P.S. Here's a video of her Winter Kate summer line, with kimonos, bed coats, peasant dresses all insprired by her love of the hippie age.

The Girl is Awesome.

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