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One thing that's awesome about where I'm from is you have a taste of every season, I love meteorology, I mean we have such crazy weather that people will play drinking games with our local meteorologists! You know "Tornado on the Ground" Drink, Shout to Gary England haha :D, these are just some pictures I took inspired by the weather, and thought they were cool enough to share. Enjoy.

Here's a little Beatle's Video just to top it off, Have a good day :D


:+:I S T I C K T O M Y R O O T S:+:

 This post today will about and inspired from the heart of the home, and the pride I have in where I have growned up, the great state of Oklahoma! Throughout my life, when I have traveled within the United States, I have heard people automatically call me out for having my southern twang, I also been asked if we live in tee pees and still have wagons? ... really.. I just have to look at them and say no we are just as modern in civilization as you are.. One other thing that is also apart of the Oklahoma heritage, this is also the state that is  home to many our Native American tribes of the nation, up to around 55 unique tribes at that. Although I am not native american I am howerever proud to have be able to have it apart of my state's history. Since I admire their culture, not only because they created a lifestyle by hunting and gathering, but they also had great style as well! I found this picture from an Elle Magazine dated in May of 2006 and I think this collage is still an awesome representation of a modernized trend of the past. My favorite pieces would have to be the dress right in the center and also the accessories such as the earings and sandels. Here is my look mixing my sttyle with just a subtle bit of the Native American flavor.

 You can also check this look out on lookbook and comment me on anything, hope everyone is having a fabulous summer so far!! :) 

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Feng Shui with Your Clothing

Wearing Today: Nike Tank Top,
Shorts, belt, handbag are all thirfted.

We all heard about putting things in certain positions in your house to create a better energy or balance you "Chi" but what about with what your putting on your body? Your clothing  is one of your most intimate interactions to people, so what is it saying, and how can we make sure to create good energy.

Feng Shui for your clothes can be determined through the fabric, placement and, colors.

Fabric- It is said that good energy comes from fabrics such as cotton, wools, and silk, even leather, and linens.  Notice these are all natural fibers or comes from animals. Wool, silk and leather all come from an animals and this is said to be a sign of dynamism and organization. Also with these fabrics make sure not to wear them to tight to the body, and suffocate your chi. The fabrics also have directed correlation to the Yin Yang, with animals being the yang and natural fiber being the Yin. So Yin fabric such as cotton and linen, these fabrics are supposed to bring you good commuication and creativity.  Synthetic fabrics are supposed to bring negative energy, but it's like fast food in america , it's so commonly used and cheap. Whose going to honestly change their lifestyle for a little positive energy? I hope you! :) 

Placement- I heard from a friend that energy enters your body from your left side and exits through the right, i think this is also apart of Kabbalah stuff, so I would put positive things on the left so they can't escape on the right! One other placement is which finger you wear your different rings on has meaning.
Thumb- signifies will power, strength and independent thought of freedom.
Index- Authority and Ambition- leadership, and to increase our ego.
Middle- Identity and Materialism, this is who you are and most people who have one of their middle fingers like to be the center of attention.
Ring-Emotion, Creativity and Heart because this finger is closely related to the heart containing the artery.
Pinky- Relationships: Personal or Business

Colors-  The color is also related with the Yin Yang. Cool colors (Yin) are of course for relaxation and suppposed to bring you healing, blue could be for peace and trust, or fung shui also think because it's the color of the sky and ocean it may bring exploration and travel. Now Navy Blue is for intellect and wisdom.
Black is for money while white is for poise confidence and purity.  One other is purple, purple is one of the most important creating spiritual awareness and mental healing supposedly. Warm colors (Yang) will bring enthusiaism or motivation. Yellow give you cheerfulness and friendliness, but overexposure can also cause anxiety, orange strengthens concentration and red relates to physical energy and passion.

Source: http://www.lifespy.com/2007/fashion-feng-shui-101/


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