I have two people I would like to recognize that are from OKLAHOMA!

1st- PK Industries

The artist Parker Steers, a native to Oklahoma, apparently views differently on the outlook of life, setting his work apart from most. He shows his expression of distorted figures and electic design. Parker draws most everything by hand, and there are some digitize art as well. I know I wouldn't mind having one of pieces hanging in my bathroom and figured I'd share! Check it out on Facebook under a group called PK Industries, I've notice each new piece he comes out with, looks better than the one before.

2nd- Milos Fare

(Milos Fare is a young, in-your-face rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band consists of Sarah Dickenson on vocals, Sean Fisher on guitar, Tyler Fitzsimons on Bass, and Detrick Carroll on drums. Despite the fact that the band is only a few steps out of the neonatal stage, their work plainly showcases their dedication to success. The band came together in the fall of 2008 and has been on fire ever since. Dickenson’s soaring pipes come as a bit of a surprise, as her tiny frame wouldn’t seem capable of producing such a sound. Fisher’s talent also shines beyond his years when it comes to tasteful solos and infectious riffs. Milos Fare plays in Tulsa and surrounding areas on a regular basis. Twice, they’ve scored gigs at Tulsa’s infamous Cains Ballroom, while only being a band for a mere year. Milos Fare plays all original music that brings a unique sound into the simultaneous genre of modern rock. When it comes to putting on a professional show, Milos Fare knows exactly what they're doing. They are one band that won't let anyone down and are ready to take things to the next level. )

"We're the kind of band you HAVE to see live. "

All information came off their myspace wedpage- www.myspace.com/milosfare- Click here for songs

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