Favorite Sounds of the Week: Local Natives and Iron and Wine

Iron and Wine-

Singer Samuel Beam makes indie folk music similiar to Sufjan Steven, just very light and calming.

Scroll down to the music player in the side bar and " Boy with a Coin" is by him.. lovely.

Local Natives- This is a indie rock band from southern california, their album Gorilla Manor came out early in 2009, they sound kinda like Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire. And According to Pandora their songs "Airplane" was featured on NBC sitcom: Chuck

You can also scroll over to the music player to hear their sound.

Below is a video of them live in a room split with a video of their split.

P.s. - A few of my favorite best dressed people from the academy awards were Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz (Hopefully Rachel Zoe's Work, LOVE HER!), and Zac Efron.. musical boy is a Dream Boat.

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Phil said...

Local Natives remind me a bit of Dirty Projectors, too, and i even hear a bit of Cold War Kids, though a bit less Americana.

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