Forever Mad for MGMT!

Ben Goldwesser and Andrew VanWyngarden are awesoommmee. MGMT came out with their new album April 13, called "Congratulations".  Since then they have appeared on Saturday Night Live, and are scheduled to appear on David Letterman May 11th :))) Rolling stone named their last album 18th best album of the DECADE. So wonderful.

Question of the Day: Who is your favorite electro-rock artist of all time?

Hey Andrew, You're beautiful, Sir.


vinda said...

hey, this is vinda from ifb. your blog's layout it fab! i love it!
and fab post there, he's such a beautiful, eccentric-looking guy <3

fashion atelier.

Mikyle said...

Hey Juliana,
Nice site. But as far as electro-rock, you can't go wrong with a little M83.

The Pink Peplum said...

VINDA so nice to see you back!! :)) and i know i love andrew! haha

Mikyle- HI friend! i miss you i see your in norman! and thanks about my site :) and I'll definitely look them up! look for a shout too!!


great site

The Pink Peplum said...

Thanksss!! :))) i'll check yours! Come back soon!

letterstobetsy said...

MGMT is awesome! my husband went to college with them and has all these old clips of them playing shows out in their quad back in the day before they were big. I love them- it is great music to run with.

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