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Nicole Richie is honestly one of my favorite celebs and style figures. She launched her House of Harlow line back in 2008 and this article just talks about the expansion into handbags! Nicole has already expanded with sunglasses and footwear this year, so I can't wait to see her news designs. House of Harlow to me resembled the rivival of the 60s and 70s through her classic headpieces, which are my favorite pieces of her collection, and then she even likes to use an Aztec/ African inspired patterns on some of the rings and bracelets. Her new handbags should coordinate with the jewelry designs and are priced in comparison of Coach around $300 to $600 dollars.


P.S. Here's a video of her Winter Kate summer line, with kimonos, bed coats, peasant dresses all insprired by her love of the hippie age.

The Girl is Awesome.

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