One of my favorite creatures is the Owl. I wear a giant owl ring on my middle finger of my right hand everyday because the owl is so cool. They are mysterious and lurk in the night with perfect vison! Some people believe they are bad luck and could bring death upon, others believe they are the symbol of wisdom and forth coming events, and well others believe if you hear one call in the night your supposed to get up and turn your left shoe...?? But who really knows what they mean.. Honestly.

Out of of all those meanings, the owl as a whole describes life itself, The mystery of life is not knowing if life will bring death or some miraculous change. Even though people have no control over their future, you still have the choice to make any set back and opportunity, so no matter what life can be beautiful if you want it to be. I stumbled across this artist who makes the precious ceramic owl decorations and I would like to introduce Jadranka Lukacic all of the pictures are his designs, and these pictures are from Owlpages.com, go there to view the gallery and buy! Comment me on anything!!
Question of the Day: What symbol represents you??


Licia said...

Really lovely blog and Owl too! :-)

The Maison happiness

The Pink Peplum said...

Well thanks so much!!

MarchMusings said...

I'm a friend of yours on IFB and decided to check out your blog. Very cool. Stop by sometime.

Jadranka said...

Thank You for writin so nicely about my owls! Jadranka Lukacic (49, female, Croatia)

jadranka said...

... sorry, mistake, ... writing... Jadranka

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