Would you like some Ponch?

Ponchos have always been one of those items that you either like them or just think they look ridiculous. I will admit, there are some pretty silly ones out there that Iwouldn't be caught dead in, but when i found this one I was really drawn to it. That's one aspect that is really important while I'm shopping, I can shop and shop but when it comes to the purchase, I look for an emotional factor, the need to think I have to have it. Call me frugal, but in my opinion, it just give appreciation to the things that are in your closet. I also liked the length and how it draped, I even sew'd the two piece together to create armholes so i could just wear it as a shirt. This garment imparticular is from the sixties, probably inspired by the Clint Eastwood swag.. and was made by some women named Anne. She was clearly legit enough though to create her own label so GO ANNE! haha. But since it didn't have all of the specs I assume this was an original only. Rarity and Quality.

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