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 This post today will about and inspired from the heart of the home, and the pride I have in where I have growned up, the great state of Oklahoma! Throughout my life, when I have traveled within the United States, I have heard people automatically call me out for having my southern twang, I also been asked if we live in tee pees and still have wagons? ... really.. I just have to look at them and say no we are just as modern in civilization as you are.. One other thing that is also apart of the Oklahoma heritage, this is also the state that is  home to many our Native American tribes of the nation, up to around 55 unique tribes at that. Although I am not native american I am howerever proud to have be able to have it apart of my state's history. Since I admire their culture, not only because they created a lifestyle by hunting and gathering, but they also had great style as well! I found this picture from an Elle Magazine dated in May of 2006 and I think this collage is still an awesome representation of a modernized trend of the past. My favorite pieces would have to be the dress right in the center and also the accessories such as the earings and sandels. Here is my look mixing my sttyle with just a subtle bit of the Native American flavor.

 You can also check this look out on lookbook and comment me on anything, hope everyone is having a fabulous summer so far!! :) 

Sources: Native American Girl Picture- http://www.doodercity.com/2008/11/native-american-fall-fashion.html
Elle Magazine Collage Clip-
http://southwesternjewelry.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products id=914&zenid=5ff24ed912650720e08031320947ea2d


DailyDivaDish said...

Small world! I've lived in Oklahoma for several years. I'm in Norman. In what part of the state do you live?

I feel your pain as far as ignorance goes. I'm sorry - there's just no nicer way to say it. We had out-of-state guests over Memorial Day weekend. One of them commented about how surprised he was that he still hadn't seen a cow. (He may not want to hold his breath waiting for an invitation for a return visit.)

Thanks for a great post!
XO Piper

Sgt. Pepper Vintage said...

Haha you right what a small world! So cool to for you to find me!! I'm from OKC, haha I'll have to check you blog out, thanks for commenting please keep in touch girl!

Sgt. Pepper

Ducia Ciao said...

Great post! I found you through IFB!

I will be doing a giveaway to celebrate my 10,000 views! It's going to be grand and there will be lots of goodies. In addition to that, I would love it if you checked out my blog!

It's happening, join in on the fun at http://watermoolen.xanga.com/

See ya!


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