W h e r e H a v e I B e e n

This is me, a mom, a student, a girlfriend, a sister, a daughter, a merchandising fanatic, wannabe stylist, loving, hard working, vintage freak.

This Summer I was able to Work Then Play.

Here are some of my displays I did throughout the summer of my Internship.

And in the last week I was able to partake in Oklahoma's Blue Seven's photoshoot, for their upcoming website called Myblueseven.com

And on my final few days there I also recieved really exciting news about styling, so be on the lookout for the new Blue Seven commercials in the FALL!!! :)))

Now time for Play, I was able to swing some time away in between my internship and before i return back for my last year of school in the fall! So I went to Six Flags :) On the way I shot a couple of my favorite items that i have right now, these are just a few and i'll be back on a later day with some more.

I love this one, because I didn't even have to edit it.

OOOOKKKKLLAAAhHOOMMAA ( I guess I had to come back eventually!)

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