Velvet and Fuzz.

This Pose is Really Funny he he

Black Vintage Jessica Mclintock Velvet Skirt, and Forever 21 Vest.. This is just an Eclectic outfit thrown together.. but you could wear for maybe like a fun holiday party of something like that.

 I had something awful happen the yesterday... and it seems like since then it's been one bad thing after another.. It all started when I went to get my phone out of my pocket and it went flying across some bricks.. when i went to pick it up.. half of my iphone screen was busted.. then later that day I was supposed to take two forms of I.d. to my work.. well i went home (thinking i had my wallet) and got my SS card.. got to work.. NO WALLET had to turn right back around and go back to my house... then go back to work.. funny thing is I don't look anything like my DL picture and my boss kept giving me a hard time saying it wasn't me.. so today I went to the tag agency to get a new license.. For some reason it took more than an hour.. when i finally got up there the machine kept messing up.. so finally i got it printed and was about to walk out the door and I looked down at my new license.. THE LADY MISSPELLED MY STREET NAME it said creel instead of creek.. so i had to go back.. and re-do the whole picture taking process.. then the machine broke so she had to restart the machine.. at this point.. i think you could see steam coming out of my ears.. but i finally got out of there.. and back to my car where my new coffee was cold.. What a bad 24 hrs.. 

P.S. I promise hopefully never to vent on my blog again :D

Hope everyone is having a better day than I've had.. TGIF!! Btw I'm going to the Black Keys on Sunday and as of right now I plan to take my camera!! So hopefully pictures should be up then!! 

Peace and Love

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