HELLO HELLO WORLD!! I have been working my rear off on all my final projects, and getting the store open! It's grand opening was tonight as you as you can see by the newly added SHOP BUTTON over there! GO ahead check it out... you know you wanna.. I only have the accessories up so far, and can't wait to get the clothes up! I'm so happy it's finally here! Let me know what your feedback is.. I love to hear from everyone... as for these pictures.. people who know me.. know I can't longboard to save my life... I have tried though.. I promise and well lets just say.. it's going to be a long time before I want to do that again.. I don't know if it was riding alone that freaked me out or if it was my super ridiculous boyfriend who persisted to push me around at a way to fast speed. Boys will be Boys.. I guess.. Anyway Hope you all have a fabulous week and maybe even find something you want on the store :)

Peace and Love

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