Band of the Month: Animal Collective

Theirnewest album called Merryweather Post Pavillion came out last year and they resemble new age " The Doors."
: Album Cover.

"Merriweather is the soundtrack for the ultimate hippie/ambient tribal dance party, a giddy, freewheeling, psychedelic beast of an album, full of big beats, trippy drones and glistening synths dancing around the band’s rich, reverb-drenched, fugue-like vocal layers." - Jim Allen (Rolling Stone Magazine)

A band you really don't want to pass up. Check out the whole album, the tracklist has upbeat and low key.

The Video is a little trippy, but the music is greeaaatttt.

P.S. For all the Oklahomies:

Dj Rusko is supposed to perform in OKC at the Electro Lounge 8:00 pm/ Free/ January 28th! BE THERE!

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