: Chungs Madewell

MTV show host Alexa Chung has finally decided to exude her style to the public!!! For anyone who has seen her show, you already know that's awesome! Madewell a brand name companied to J.Crew decided that they wanted her for inspiration.

We can’t imagine that Madewell was the first brand to approach her, asking her to collaborate, consult, or just generally come over and pass on some of that gamine-redux style that she makes look so effortless. Yet Madewell were the perfect suitors because, Chung says, they were so laidback and undesperate. “I’d always been a bit cautious of collaborations—that they’d just be a money thing,” she says. “When I moved to New York, Madewell asked to meet me. I went in, and I liked the company. Everything about our meeting was very organic and casual; not full-on. They were open to suggestions.”The first pieces from the collection will be available this September, and will be sold under the label Alexa Chung for Madewell.
 - Mark Holgate, Vogue.com

Thanks: Vogue.com

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