Supporting the OKIES.

So as you all know from my past blogs my two obsession would have to be apparel and music, so why not blog about a group that hits close to home and has awesome potential!

If you don't already know, Oklahoma based, Grpfly is a company based on a mission to make the best of the opportunity life can give.

Hip hop artist, Jabee has a great sound and the music is so positive. He just brings something different from your typical rap star. Be sure and check out his mix with Regina Specktor, "Breaks my heart".

Something else that give this company a little edge, Grpfly collaborates with apparel business as well, one of my good friends, Chris Cao, producer of screen-printing line, Blooprint, recently joined up with them and if the word gets out to enough people, this line of streetwear is here to stay! Check out their website for the blog and to shop at Grpfly.com

Oklahoma State University attendees: The OSU fashion show is in april and I recently became apart of the music team, I hope depending on the theme maybe to include Jabee in the playlist, be sure and mark your calenders.

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Anonymous said...

That mix with Regina is outta control ballin'

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