For the Fellassss.. who well need a little help :D

I normally focus more on the ladies.. so it's about time that I started to pay some attention to the guys! Men's wear is a whole different realm than women's wear, and when it comes to styling can actually be quite challenging.. I wanted to make this post just for men, a man who likes to look good, but doesn't really want to splurge for the designer outrageous prices. I come to find that men need utility, durability, and a bit of an ego boost in their everyday apparel. Men have to work hard and still of course try to look good. I've composed a list of sites that gave me inspiration, on what I would love to see men wearing, and you don't have to give an arm and leg to have these item. Looking good doesn't equal money ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT.

Uniqulo.com- Uniqulo states in their company profile that they have high quality casual wear at afforable prices. You can browse the website by a product search or even my a lookbook of current styles.

picture from street etiquette blog :)

http://streetetiquette.com/- This blog is amazing, it's by two guys from the bronx who literally have men's fashion down to a tee. They are so inspirational, i love em! please go and check em out!!

http://www.hm.com/us/- As most ladies know, H&M is the bomb.com when it come to trendy garments at a low price, and for all the guys that don't know yes H&M does havea men's collection, and it's just as afforable, to browse through you can look under the fashion section at in stores now, under the style guide, or if you really bored, you can even mix and match different garments to create an outfit in their fashion studio.

http://www.giltman.com/- This is an exculsive website that does require you to be a member, right now I do believe there is a waiting list, but once you become a member you have access to tons of designer labels at great prices. Something fun about this site, at noon everyday they have the best blow out sales, you can only keep you items in your bag for ten minutes before their gone.  Go and sign up if you'd like!!

Comment me on anything, I love to hear from you guys!

P.s. Of course urban outfitters always has great stuff, so maybe check them too :D


melina bee said...

oo... good links, especially for the male fashion which seems a bit neglected in the blogosphere. melina bee

The Pink Peplum said...

Thanks Melina! I know men really do get left out :( Even though most don't admit it, they want to look good too haha :D thanks for commenting, please feel free anytime!

FashionArtCrafts-Etcetera said...

The links are amazing! Thanks for posting them!

michelle said...

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