Tall Ships. Tall Ships. Tall Ships.

When you look at the outfit, most people will probably see just a girl in a tee-shirt and a skirt. But this isn't just a tee-shirt and skirt, well at least not to me

The shirt I'm wearing was actually my father's at one point, he was a traveling guy in his early age who loved to sail anywhere and everywhere! Some of my favorite items in my closet were given to me by him, through his adventures of sailing. This particular one is for the Tall Ships Parade that has been located in Chicago, Boston, and I think Tacoma in the past. These boats are the elite of sailing, and an absolute amazing site to see. Clothes have value through memories as well you know. Comment down below!


Stacy said...

I love it when I can tell a story with the clothes I'm wearing.
Wonderful post!

Ali said...

that's so nice that you can wear your dad's shirt. I have a lot of my mum's clothes but not many of my dad's!

The Pink Peplum said...

Stacy- I know i love when clothes have meaning and history, FAVORITE.
Ali- haha yeah my dad was so tiny back in the day! lucky me! :D

Thanks for commenting to both of you! Please keep em coming! I love hearing from readers!

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