Thigh High In the Sky

I had a lot of fun with this look today, when I see thigh high tights I think of two things, 1. Seductive-ness... and 2. Delicacy.

and honestly I'm not going to lie.. I'm neither of the two. This look is inspired from history of fashion, and other bloggers like Meg from Another Day to Dress Up. And here is actually a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker sporting some argyle stockings : )

The tights are from Urban Outfitters and everything else was just one of those thrifty good finds.

Here is also just a little video for people who " have a run in their panty hose, even your daddy knows" - Ludacris

Source: Sarah Jessica Parker Picture: http://asos.awarenessnetworks.com/post-details-forum/?contentid=7698152954350575977

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