Hope Everyone is Having a Fantastic Halloweekend!! For me I absolutely love Halloween, but for some reason this year didn't land on my Top 5 greatest Halloween's so to speak.. mine was kinda a dud if you know what I mean.. the best part was just costumes in general. So I hope everyone's was a lot better than mine! I've also been TERRIBLY busy with school, it has actually just taken over my life completely.. but as soon as I make it through this semester next semester should be a breeze!! (I can't wait to graduate in may..)

 UPDATE ON ONLINE STORE: I didn't realize it takes so much time to get all the photos ready for this thing, so I'm still trying to take all the merchandise pictures.. I actually took quite a few yesterday.. but I'm kinda fickle about posting something if i don't think it looks a certain way, so I think I might have to re do a lot of them.. so hold out!! It will be here soon I promise!! Little by little we are getting closer! Here's are a couple more items to look forward too! Also the pants and the Hat in the pictures above will also be for sale :)

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